Hello and last week before coming back home!!! Well, I woke up at normal time, got to work at normal time, and guess what?!?! The boss was actually here today so we actually started our lecture at around 10. The point was mainly to workshop my paper. The other guy at my office was there too which I thought was weird but maybe he is eager to learn. Although, he does have his own paper to write which he apparently finished but I am a little suspicious. At first when we were going through it, I was very irritated because he was literally rewriting my introduction without reading it so I was there just going “yeah” “I understand” and it on some parts he was just repeating the things I said in my introduction. Either way, I think he is just trying to help and things got better anyway when he started READING what I had written which there were minimal changes and just ideas I was given to improve. Mainly, it was to focus on formatting which won’t take too long. Aside from that, he said it looked good and that I just have to finish formatting, my conclusion, and references to be done. Pretty solid innit!! Lastly, he spoke briefly about the things that we are going to speak about this week which include finishing up energy efficiency and getting some practical experience with the solar panels. I HAVE PICTURES. That is all for today! I am ready to come back to the US and relax for a bit( not really college stuff and school stuff to do) before school starts. See you tomorrow!

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