What’s up! Today was a short day because Mr.Etiosa (boss) didn’t show up. Consequently, we didn’t have out lecture and I just worked on my research paper the whole day. Today, I intended to finish the renewable energy portion of the findings. So, tomorrow will be the energy efficiency part. I left early today as well because I feel much more comfortable working at home and there was no point for me to stay there and do nothing until traffic time. On the way back, we were stopped in 15 mins of traffic because there were policemen checking each car that passed. The person who was driving me said that they were looking for some criminals but I am not too sure about who they are exactly. I don’t think the policemen also accounted for the amount of cars they backed up and eventually they just didn’t check anymore. While we were in the traffic, there were two cows going head to head hitting each others’ horns while another one was trying to break up the fight. I can just say it made for good entertainment while stuck in traffic. Officially, I have been here for 2 weeks now which is a good accomplishment so 1 WEEK LEFT! I think I am missing home a little. Saying homesick would have sounded too soppy. Anyway 1 more full day left of work this week then the weekend. That’s All! BYE!

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