I woke up today a little late but I need the extra sleep. Those extra minutes are crucial for my height. I have a mad story. The guy who drops me off at work— it’s like a cab driver but it’s only him— told me he got robbed. Isn’t that crazy? He said that they took his phone and money but he is using Bolt— like an Uber— to compensate for the losses. I gave him an extra 500 Naira for his losses. When I got to work, it was a typical day except that we didn’t have our lecture because they had to go to the bank I think or go somewhere to take care of something. As a result, all I worked on was my paper which I hope to get done with soon so I don’t have to do anything. I did that on and off until my aunt picked me up. From there, I had a physical to fill out my sports form. After that, we went to this restaurant that served one of the best chicken Alfredo’s I have ever had. Like this thing was tasty tasty. I THINK I HAVE PICTURE. I couldn’t finish all of it so I took the rest home. Looking forward to eat it tomorrow. We came home and that was the day. DECENT. 

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