Alright! First day back from the weekend and it was a good day. I came to work at regular time and started at 10 again. Today, we spoke about energy efficiency. It was mainly talk about the importance of Energy Efficiency and its applications such as transportation, building, and agriculture. We also spoke about its best practices which include standards and labels. This was just the first out of a possible however many best practices. Lastly, he gave me a bunch of policies to use for my research paper. It was 8 to be exact. After the lecture, we went back to our office and were tasked to focus on our paper. Also, I think they are crafting me a file for validation that I did work here so I’m now official. Anyway, the day went by pretty fast which is good and shows that I am adapting to what work life is like here despite how much I dislike it. I HAVE PICTURES OF WHAT I DID. Well, see you!

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